Sources of Funding & Support - Thank you!


We are very grateful to have received grant funding and support for our research and our salary from the following entities and persons. 


Assistant Professor

  • NSF-IOS, 2020-2024. 

    • Title​: Integrating engineering theory and biological measures to model stress resilience, damage, and fitness-related consequences

    • PIs: Haruka Wada, Tonia Schwartz, Todd Sturey, Vinamra Agrawal

  • NIH-R15, 2019-2021

    • Title:​  A new vertebrate model to study the role of growth factors IGF1 and IGF2 in sex dimorphism of longevity and aging.

    • PIs: Tonia Schwartz, Rita Graze, Aaron Reedy

  • Auburn University, Intramural Grants Program. 2017-2019

    • Title: The coevolution effect as an ecological driver of viral spillover events in human populations

    • PIs:  Tonia Schwartz, Sarah Zohdy, Jamie Oaks​

  • Auburn University, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science and Mathematics Start-up Funds

External Research Funding to Schwartz Lab Students (greater than $1000)

  • NSF GRF. 2015. Amanda Clark

    • Title: Ecological Genetics and Cellular Physiology of Repeated Insular Body Size Evolution​

  • American Genetics Association: Evolutionary, Ecological, or Conservation Genomics (EECG) Research Award. 2020. Randy Klabacka

    • Title: Genomic and bioenergetic costs of asexuality in a vertebrate system (genus Aspidoscelis)

Previous funding to Tonia Schwartz

Post-doctoral Fellowship

  • 2013-2015  James S. McDonnell Foundation, Postdoctoral Fellowship Award in Complexity Science. Evolution of molecular networks and complex traits. $200,000.

  • Nutrition and Obesity Research Center and the Office of Energetics

  • Dr. David Allison, Dr. Julia Gohlke, Richard Sarver, Sarah Peek, Sarah Brooks, Phylis Morris


Doctorate Degree

  • 2010-2012 National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (NSF-DDIG); Unraveling the genetic basis for complex life-history traits in natural populations of garter snakes. ($14,981)

  • 2010-2011 National Science Foundation, GK-12 Fellowship; Promoting a GREEN workforce.

  • 2009 Iowa Academy of Sciences; Sex-specific gene expression involved in stress response ($5000).

  • 2009 Iowa State University, Liberal Arts & Sciences Computation Advisory Committee; BCBLab Mobile Computing Project ($30,906)

  • 2008 Sigma Xi, Grant-in-Aid of Research; Reptile Telomerase ($1000)

  • 2008 Iowa State University, EEOB Student Research Award; Reptile Telomerase ($450)

  • 2007 National Science Foundation, Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training Program (NSF-IGERT) in Computational Molecular Biology; 2 year Graduate Fellowship

  • 2007 F. Wendell Miller Scholarship; Graduate Fellowship; Declined.

  • Iowa State University, the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department, and the Integrative Genetics Graduate Program.

  • Drs. Anne Bronikowski, Jo Anne Powell-Coffman, Drena Dobbs, Jonathan Wendel, Chriss Tuggel


Masters Degree

  • 2003, 2000  University of South Florida Travel Award to present graduate research at a national meeting.

  • 2002, 2001, 1999  Arcadia National Wildlife Inc Grant. Research on gopher tortoise population genetics.

  • 2001  Eloise Gerry Fellowship, Sigma Delta Epsilon Graduate Women in Science. Research on gopher tortoise genetics.

  • Chelonian Research Foundation Grant. Linnaeus Fund. Research on gopher tortoise population genetics.

  • 2000  Summer Graduate Tharpe Research  Fellowship from University of South Florida.

  • University of South Florida, Department of Biology

  • Drs. Steven Karl, Henry Mushinski


Undergraduate Degree

  • 1998  Undergraduate Research Assistantship at Iowa State University; Population Genetics

  • 1998  Program for Women in Science and Engineering Summer Internship; Genetic sexing of birds.

  • 1997  George M. Ricketts Zoology and Genetics Scholarship.

  • 1994  State of Iowa Scholar Scholarship.

  • 1994  Iowa State University Academic Recognition Scholarship.

  • 1994  Lee County Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship.

  • Drs. Bonnie Bowen, Carol Vleck, and Fred Janzen


A special thanks to my teachers at Marquette Elementary and Fort Madison (Iowa) Junior High and High Schools for instilling my love for learning


And the biggest thanks to My Family for their love and support!