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Reptile Transcriptomes from 17 species (Liver)


McGaugh SE, Bronikowski AM, Kuo C-H, Reding DM, Addis EA, Flagel LE, Janzen FJ, Schwartz TS: Rapid molecular evolution across amniotes of the IIS/TOR network. PNAS 2015.

doi: 10.1073/pnas.1419659112​


Raw Data on NCBI: Short Read Archive SRA062458 and SRP017466.


Transcriptome Assemblies, Annotation, Alignments, etc on dryad:  



IMAGE: Representatives of the 66 species whose transcriptomes/genomes were used to study the evolution of the Insulin- Insulin-like signaling / Target of Rapamycin (IIS/TOR) molecular network across amniotes (mammals and reptiles/birds). This molecular network regulates lifespan, reproduction, metabolic diseases, cancer, and aging. Among amniotes, the hormones, receptors and binding proteins of IIS/TOR were found to be quickly evolving.


Photographs courtesy of: predicted reptile IGF1 and IGF1R protein structures, Tonia S. Schwartz; western terrestrial garter snake ecotypes, Stevan J Arnold; alligator, Corey Cates; cottonmouth snake, snapping turtle, David Delaney; brown anole, Dan A Warner; mallard duck, Hannah Syversen; alligator lizard, Rory Telemeco; armadillo, Tom Friedel,; elephants, Beth Archie; chimpanzee, Ian Gilby; dog, Ryan Rapp; dolphin, US Fish & Wildlife; opossum, Klaus Rudloff. Composition by Tonia S. Schwartz.

Dissecting Stress Response Networks



Schwartz, TS, and AM Bronikowski. 2013. Dissecting molecular stress networks: identifying nodes of divergence between life-history phenotypes. Molecular Ecology. 22(3): 739-756 DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-294X.2012.05750.x     


Raw Data on NCBI: Short Read Archive (SRA052923).


Genbank Sequences Accessions:  Catalase Isoform 1, JX291960;  Catalase Isoform 2, JX291961; Glutathione Peroxidase1, JX291962; Glutathione Peroxidase 3, JX291963;

Glutathione Peroxidase 4, JX291964; HSP40A1, JX291965; HSP40A4, JX291966; HSP70A1, JX291967; Superoxide dismutase 1, JX291968; Superoxide dismutase 2 Isoform 1, JX291969; Superoxide dismutase 2 Isoform 2, JX291970; Superoxide dismutase 3, JX291971.

Physiological Data: DRYAD repository, doi:10.5061/dryad.sb30r.


Galaxy Workflows. 

Cleaning Illumina Reads:

Mapping Illumina reads to candidate genes:


Garter Snake Transcriptome



Schwartz, TS*, H Tae*, Y Yang, K Mockaitis, JL Van Hemert, SR Proulx, J-H Choi, and AM Bronikowski. 2010. A garter snake transcriptome: pyrosequencing, de novo assembly, and sex-specific differences. BMC Genomics. 11: 694-715.  


Raw Data on NCBI: Short Read Archive (SRA010134).


Transcriptome Assemblies, Annotation, Alignments, etc: The servers that had been hosting these data have been shut down.  These data will soon be available from Dryad.



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